Fitness Feel Better , Live Longer


There is an old saying “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. The saying still stands true even after decades of hearing it. Who does not like to get up in the morning feeling fresh and full of energy? It is inside that everybody they want of being healthy and fit but at times the body does not work the way one wants it to work. One has to work so that every part of the body functions properly, right up to the small thumb. Just as in a vehicle every part is important and needs attention, the same goes for the body which has to last as long as one lives.

The Reason to be physically active and healthy: Days, months and years pass by and we see that life has become more chaotic and disorganized. No matter what we try things look very bleak in front of our eyes.

Work : To make ends meet we are working harder. Bills only get higher and so do the taxes. Prices escalate and while we work more it is found that we tend to lose more. Hence we must sacrifice more of us in order to succeed in life. It is perceived that competition is good as it brings out the best in us and only the hardiest can survive.



Children: For thousands of reasons no longer children feel self-satisfied. For this society has to blame as it is reducing the security of children. It is seen that children are no longer free to do the things that kids normally do in their growing years. For example, even their imagination is not being allowed to be used. In fact, it is us that have to provide the stimuli as their imagination seems to have evaporated with the passage of time.

Social Media:  Just as the internet or the mobile, social media has become the new lover in our lives. This has taken up more of our time and made us believe that we are living in another world. The world has made communication so easy that it has put us in the middle of everyone‘s business except ours.

Our time has become limited as we tend to prioritize that which is not important. In the process, we are losing our health and are no longer fit. The turnabout has to come from within us as no one else is going to tell us. Each one is already busy in their own world of problems that at times we feel our own children do not bother to ask how one feels. We need to concentrate our energy on more focused problems than fitting it away on frivolous things. If we took care of ourselves then our physical and mental health will be much more different. We need to take out time for ourselves and our bodies.

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